Discover a resort destination like no other....within a tropical jungle and Caribbean sea, at Chez Yergz,
our amenities will captivate you, the scene will take your breath away and our accommodations will make you feel at home.

Chez Yergz is in the planning stages of becoming one the most distinguished Hotel, Spa & Casino Resorts on the Caribbean coast of Hopkins, Belize in Northeastern Central America. Founder of The Yerger Group and visionary, Ross "Yergz" Yerger, aspires to create a destination experience for vacationers and travelers from around the globe by offering unique Resort Amenities and world class Hotel Accommodations while adding personal touches that give you the sense that you are in the home of Yergz, not a hotel.

The images presented by The Yerger Group are of two existing and operating Lifestyle Hotels located in the resort district of Hopkins Village, Belize. They are Villa Margarita, owned by Viva Belize, and Villa Verrano, owned and operated as a single location. Negotiations to acquire the two adjoined beachfront properties are currently underway.  The Yerger Group will combine the two villas into one resort property and implement lavish, yet practical, renovations, making all the other coastal resorts pale in comparison and make Chez Yergz, the resort destination that everyone will want to come home too.

The Yerger Group is seeking investors and future guests. Interested Investors can request a prospectus and comprehensive business plan, while interested vacationers can request to be added to our exclusive mailing list for openings and updates. Please use the below links to submit your inquiry.