Ross “Yergz” Yerger

Ross “Yergz” Yerger,  got his start in hospitality when serving as a Group Leader in the Protective Intelligence Squad of the U.S. Secret Service, Washington D.C. Field Office. He simply heard the TV commercial for BuyBelize.com, became hooked on the country, and that led him to being hooked on wanting to host his own guests at his own chain of high-end resorts, Chez Yergz.  Chez is the French word for "the home of".  So, welcome to "The Home of Yergz".

Yergz knew he could draw from his passion for travel, work experience around the globe and knowledge in hospitality to create an unforgettable experience for guests visiting any one of his "resort homes", offering a personal touch with exclusive amenities and accommodations not found with any other resort chain.

Yergz is very well traveled. Since the late 80’s, Yergz has been traveling the U.S and Canada as a sports official in both professional baseball and Olympic ice hockey.  His travel included two trips to the U.S. Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, four years of summer officiating schools scouted by the National Hockey League, as well as two years as a professional baseball umpire. In 2000, after leaving amateur, Olympic and professional sports, Yergz became a Special Agent with the U.S. Secret Service. Yergz has made 15 trips in over five years to Belize. He’s learned the country, the industry as it exists in Belize, and the markets. But he’s especially come to know the people of Belize. Extended families happen when you extend yourself, and Yergz has certainly done that. He remembers, on only his second trip to Hopkins Village, one such member of the community extended her arms outstretched and said, “Welcome Home!” It was then, that Yergz realized his hotel’s purpose!

Yergz is well versed in travel and fully understands the desires of the traveler from the perspective of a guest vacationing at a high end resort. Through his professional careers and work experience in law enforcement, as well as sports officiating, Yergz learned the importance of a strong and positive work environment, in order to produce high productivity. He is dedicated to creating an atmosphere at each of his resorts that harbors positive energy, such that the resort staff will want to serve all of Chez Yergz guests with the highest quality service possible, making for a guest experience that is unsurpassed!


The Yerger Group
Elite, Not Elitist!

The Yerger Group is the parent company for all entrepreneurial ventures spear-headed by it's founder, Yergz.

Chez Yergz will be designed to offer unique amenities that no other resort in the geographic area currently offers including, Sea Breacher rides, a 150' Private Yacht for charter, cruises and casino gaming, Jet Capsule rides, Winch Direct Parasailing, Land Based Tours, Fine Dining & Local Cuisine, Casino Gaming & Instruction, Beach Bar, Hotel Spa & Salon, Beachfront Pool, Courtyard Coffee and Tobacconist & Cigar Lounge.

The Yerger Group is seeking private investors who wish to explore an investment opportunity with this particular development project, Chez Yergz located in Belize, with possible options to invest on future projects that are currently being added to our global development plan.

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The Yerger Group - Elite, Not Elitist!